The Knights of Columbus of Phillipsburg is now in their 10th year of hosting their Golf Outing for Pediatric Cancer and Juvenile Diseases Charities. The Knights have been able to raise over $100,000 the past 10 years and assist 17 children and their families thanks to the generosity of many kind people, organizations and businesses.   This year's event is being held to assist the family of Andrew Turdo.


Andrew Turdo is a 10 year old boy in 5th grade at Pohatcong Township School. He is the son of Scott and Maryanne Turdo and has twin sister's Kaitlyn and Isabella. He also has two dogs, Nina and Ginger. The Turdo's attend St. Mary's Parish.  On April 10 th, 2019 Andrew did not feel well and went to the school nurse. He complained of feeling funny and nauseous. After being brought back home to rest, Andrew started vomiting. It soon be came apparent that this was more than a virus after two doses of Zofran did not help him at all. He was taken to St. Luke's and then eventually flown to St. Christopher's Hospital in Philadelphia where he stayed for 13 days. Still with no answers.   Andrew  was hospitalized at Lehigh Valley Children's Hospital in June, August, and September where he was diagnosed with Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome Sato Variant. There is no cure for CVS. Andrew was sick twice in October and November and a short stay in December all in CHOP.  There is a wonderful team of specialist working to find the triggers to Andrew's CVS and to help find the proper medications to keep him home.   During this journey, Andrew has also been diagnosed with Gastroparesis, Aortic Root Dilation, Ascending Aortic Root Dilation, and previously diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2017. Andrew must maintain a very strict Gluten Free Diet and take a lot of daily medications. This requires him to see numerous specialists in Philadelphia monthly.   This is a lot for boy who is ten years old. When Andrew is well he loves to travel, spend time with his friends, camp, go fishing, ride his bike, shoot hoops, read about Marvel Superheroes, and play video games. Due to his health conditions, Andrew is limited with the sports he is able to play now. He is looking forward to playing Baseball this Spring. He has a strong love for the NY Giants, the NJ Devils, and the NY Yankees.  The goal is to get Andrew to The Children's Hospital in Wisconsin for an experimental neuro stimulator which is worn like a hearing aide. This stimulator is supposed to keep the CVS episodes from starting.  We whole heartily thank you all for your prayers and support. Andrew often turns to God and prays when he is very sick. We are very thankful for his love for God and our Church. We are humbled and Blessed by the wonderful work and prayers that the Knights of Columbus bring to our community, church, and our family.


God Bless you all.