The Knights of Columbus of Phillipsburg is now in their 10th year of hosting their Golf Outing for Pediatric Cancer and Juvenile Diseases Charities. The Knights have been able to raise over $100,000 the past 9 years and assist 16 children and their families thanks to the generosity of many kind people, organizations and businesses.   This year's event is being held to assist the family of Michael Eaton.



Michael Eaton is an 11 year old boy who shortly after birth, it was discovered would never be able to eat on his own and had major breathing problems.  A few months later after an  MRI  and numerous tests were done, it was determined because of sedation his airway was closed completely and he had to have a trach put in to allow him to breathe.  After years of testing the doctors determined that Michael had Goldenhar Syndrome that causes Asymmetry of his facial structure, receded jaw, feeding and airway issues, oral differences as well as hearing, vision problems along with internal issues such as fused U shaped kidney.  Michael is an amazing boy who has found ways to overcome not being able to walk by using a medical stroller. He has overcome not being able to eat and has overcome not being able to talk because of the trach. He still needs speech therapy and Michael had his 12th surgery on December 26, 2017.  Michael is a fighter and your typical boy. He has four siblings whom he loves dearly.  Michael loves to play baseball and he loves the game of baseball. The photo below is of Michael receiving his trophy at the end of last season.


Michael and his family would like to take this opportunity to thank-you for your generosity.


It is very much appreciated!