The Knights of Columbus of Phillipsburg is now in their 9th year of hosting their Golf Outing for Pediatric Cancer and Juvenile Diseases Charities. The Knights have been able to raise over $100,000 the past 8 years and assist 15 children and their families thanks to the generosity of many kind people, organizations and businesses.   This year's event is being held to assist the family of Tyler Zeh.


          Tyler Zeh is a Sophomore at Phillipsburg High School who has a love for life and is always smiling and positive. These traits have served him well through the multiple medical issues he has faced.           


In 2011, Tyler underwent extensive open-heart surgery, in which his blood was re-routed to flow differently through his heart. The surgery went well, but he stopped breathing a week later and suffered a serious brain injury due to lack of oxygen.             Despite his grim prognosis, Tyler went through years of extensive inpatient and outpatient neuro-rehabilitation. It was there that he had to relearn how to pick objects up, walk, talk, eat, etc….             


Last year in February of 2016, Tyler endured another open-heart surgery. His pacemaker leads fractured, requiring emergency surgery to replace all of them. His recovery was longer than expected, but went well.               Tyler has faced many challenges in his life. His joyful spirit has helped him to come so much farther than imagined during all of his recoveries. Tyler and his family would like to take this opportunity to thank-you for your generosity.

It is very much appreciated!